Absorption of Negativity

Klinoptilolith, also known as Clinoptilolite is a natural complex Zeolite, an aluminosilicate mineral containing calcium, sodium, and potassium. Klinoptilolith is a microporous, off white opaque stone of volcanic origin, and is used within the medical and agricultural industries. The frequency of … [Read more...]

Maw Sit Sit

Acceptance and "Go With the Flow"

Maw Sit Sit , also know as Jade Albite is a combination stone whose composition comprises of various minerals including a chromium enriched Jadeite and Albite Feldspar. It is a bright emerald green colour with black veining. Maw Sit Sit is from a single location in the northern region of Myanmar … [Read more...]


Calmness and Emotional Balance

Mtorolite is the name given to a chromium enriched variety of Chalcedony, a cryptocrystalline variety of Quartz whose sub-microscopic particles are arranged in fibrous layers, it is also called Chrome Chalcedony. The rich green colouration can be a deep emerald green to deep green/blue. The … [Read more...]

Chinese Writing Stone

Stability and Understanding

Chinese Writing Stone is the name given to a dark grey-green/black form of Basalt Porphyry/Porphyrite (an igneous rock) which has small strips of off white/white inclusions, often plagioclase feldspar, which when grouped together are reminiscent of a type of Chinese script. It can also be called … [Read more...]

Blue Obsidian

Articulate Communication

Blue Obsidian is a soft pale blue type of Obsidian, a silica rich volcanic rock, glassy in appearance and is rare in its natural form. Much Blue Obsidian available is man made coloured glass or a vitreous by-product from smelting known as "slag". The frequency of Blue Obsidian connects to the … [Read more...]

Lithium Light

Serenity and Purification

Lithium Light is the name given to a combination stone from the Rocky Mountains in the United States of America. Lithium Light constituents include Lepidolite, (a potassium lithium aluminium silicate), Quartz (silicon dioxide) and Cronstedtite, (a complex iron silicate mineral), and is off … [Read more...]


Healing and Total Wellbeing

Healerite is a newly discovered stone from a remote mountain area in the north-western region of the United States of America. Healerite is a soft lime green coloured magnesium silicate mineral. The frequency of Healerite connects to the solar plexus and heart chakras. It supports one … [Read more...]

Honey and Cream Azeztulite

Loving and Supportive Energies

Honey and Cream Azeztulite is a variety of Azeztulite recently found in New Zealand. Honey and Cream Azeztulite is a golden/cream coloured form of Quartz from an area on the south island that had once been covered by water, and has thus been tumbled/eroded over time to produce pieces with a smooth … [Read more...]

Paraiba Tourmaline

Loving Expression of Truths

Paraiba Tourmaline is the name given to an form of Cuprian Elbaite Tourmaline from the Paraiba region of Brazil.  Paraiba Tourmaline is a complex aluminium borosilicate with a high copper content which results in the characteristic "electric blue" or turquoise colouration.  Cuprian Elbaite … [Read more...]


Soul Power and Purification

Amazez is the name given to a purple and white variety of Azeztulite which contains Amethyst found in an area near the African continent. Amazez has characteristic marking of zig-zag bands of purple Amethyst within white Quartz Azeztulite. The frequency of Amazez connects to all of the chakras, … [Read more...]