Memory and Determination

Plancheite is a copper silicate mineral, pale to dark blue/turquoise in colour, closely related to Shattuckite and often found in association with other copper based minerals such as Malachite. The frequency of Plancheite connects to the throat and third eye chakras, stimulating these chakras so … [Read more...]


Balance and Punctuality

Scheelite is a calcium tungstate mineral, the colour range includes tones of yellow, orange, gold, red, green and grey to white. The frequency of Scheelite connects to the sacral, solar plexus and crown chakras, stimulating these chakras so that one is able to have clarity of thought, to be … [Read more...]

Blue Amber

Positivity and Joy

Blue Amber is the name given to the fossilized resin from the prehistoric leguminous tree Hymenaea Protera. Blue Amber is rare and its main source is from the Dominican Republic, although it has also been found on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Blue Amber is so called due to the slight blue toned … [Read more...]

Spider Web Obsidian

Protection and Support

Spider Web Obsidian is the name given to a type of Obsidian, an amorphous volcanic rock, from Mexico. Spider Web Obsidian is dark blue/grey in colour with intricate characteristic "spider web" type patterns and markings in a lighter grey/green/blue colour. The frequency of Spider Web Obsidian … [Read more...]


Magic and Self Mastery

Merlinite is the name given to a combination stone from New Mexico in the United states of America consisting of white Quartz, silicon dioxide and black Psilomelane, a manganese oxide mineral. It is often found as an opaque or semi transparent white coloured stone which has dispersed within it … [Read more...]


Discernment and Self Assurance

Enstatite is a magnesium silicate mineral. It has a colour range from yellow, brown, green to dark grey or black. Enstatite is a member of the pyroxene group of silicates and can be found within both stony and iron meteorites, and has been found in "space" material from outside our solar … [Read more...]


Enhances One's Personal Will Power

Fluorapatite, an alternative spelling Fluoroapatite, is a calcium fluorophosphate mineral. Colourless in its pure form, but often containing metal impurities such as iron which produces a yellow, yellow/green yellow/orange/brown colouration. The frequency of yellow/green Fluorapatite connects to … [Read more...]


For One's Life's Experiences

Scapolite is a complex silicate mineral containing, sodium, aluminium, chlorine, calcium, carbonates, and sulphates. The colour range includes, white to off white, yellow, green, blue and purple. The frequency of Scapolite connects and focusses its energy to different chakras depending on the … [Read more...]