Healing Properties D to G

Healing Properties of Crystals beginning with D, E, F or G

Connection to the Higher Dimensions
Clarity and Joy
Spiritual Awareness
Connection to Mother Earth and Healing
Release and Healing of Emotional Belief Patterns
Enhanced Mental and Psychic Abilities
Emotional Stability
Emotional Healing
Expanded Awareness
Love and Compassion
Discernment and Self Assurance
Transmutation of Energy
Truth and Clarity
Self love and Recognizing One's Gifts and Talents
Self Awareness and Self Love
Energetic Stability and Alignment
Enhances One's Personal Will Power
Clarity and Focus
Manifestation for One's Highest Good and Prayer Enhancement
Soul Retrieval
Connection to Mother Earth, Love and Emotions
Creativity, Prosperity and Security
Strength and Security
Grounding Protection and Power
Emotional Healing
Higher Dimensional Perception and Manifestation
Emotional Support and Adaptability
Transmutation of Old Emotional Patterns
Emotional Support and Emotional Healing
Protection and Purification