Healing Properties H to J

Healing Properties of Crystals beginning with H, I, or J

Inner Knowing and Soothing Emotions
Purification and Cleansing
Healing and Total Wellbeing
Healing, Energy Balance and Grounding
Will Power and Personal Power
Emotional Healing and Light Integration
Higher Dimensional Consciousness
Inner Vision and Purification
Emotions and Visions
Healing the Heart and Gratitude
Uplifting, Physical Acceptance and Wellbeing
Positive Expression of Emotions and Thoughts
Stability and Support
Discernment and Inner Knowing
Grounding of Thoughts and Patience
Manifestation for Ones Highest Good
Healing and Kundalini Activation
Inner Vision
Spiritual Knowledge and Mental Ability
Health and Abundance
Alignment to Earth Energies
Natural Spirits and Health
Higher Dimensional Connections
Buzz and Zest for Life
Positivity and Playfulness
Shamanic Journeys
Anti-ageing, Release of Belief Patterns
Positive Awareness
Creative Talents
Creative Visualization
Physical Strength and Safety
Self Confidence and Self Worth
Protection, Grounding and Purification