Healing Properties O to P

Healing Properties of Crystals beginning with O or P

Grounding, Protection and Stabilizing
Grounding and Protection
Psychic Protection, Grounding and Cleansing of Negativity
Articulate Communication
Higher Will and Manifestation
Protective and Supportive
Healing of Emotional Wounds and Grounding of Spiritual Light
Energetic Cleansing and Grounding
Synchronicities and Perserverance
Protection and Support
Understanding One's Soul's Journey
Endurance and Inner Strength
Inner Strength and Self Mastery
Psychic Senses
Calmness and Meditation
Integration of Higher Vibrational Energies
Amplification Of Emotional Energy
Creativity and Passion
Enhanced Energetic Awareness
Calm Communication
Emotional Healing
Violet Opal
Purification and Transmutation of Negativity
Transformation and Purification
Confidence and Will
Emotional Support
Higher Truth Communication
Abundance and Communicating with Natures Spirits and Animals
Creative Endeavours
Expanded Consciousness, Calmness and Balance
Patience and Grounding
Inner Vision and Energetic Activation
Soul Connection and Support
Surrender To One's Heart
Spiritual Activation
Understanding and Knowing of 'Truth'
Memory and Determination
Viewing Life with a Heart-Centered Awareness
Heart-Centred Awareness
Purification and Insight
Confidence and Vitality