Healing Properties R to S

Healing Properties of Crystals beginning with R or S

Heart Centered Awareness
Opening Ones Consciousness to the New Aquarian Energy
Confidence and Personal Power
Self Love and Emotional Healing
Discovery of One's Gifts and Talents
Enhanced Heart Centered Awareness
Love, Truth and Wisdom
Courage and Enthusiasm
Vitality and Passion
Courage and Emotional Balance
Healing and a "Zest" for Life
Focus and Insight
Abundance and Manifestation
Strengthening and Stabilizing
For One's Life's Experiences
Protective and Stabilizing
Balance and Punctuality
Inner Peace
Spiritual Activation and Cleansing
Creative Manifestation of One's Will
Grounding of One's Ideas
Self Healing, Regeneration and Communicating with the Angelic Realms
Intuition and Truth
Kundalini and Pranic Energies
Shielding and Protection from Negativity
Relaxation and Soothes Emotions
Protection and Grounding of Light Energy
Insight and Intuition
Protection and Magic
Revitalization and Relaxation
Grounding and Linking to Nature's Energies
Compassion, Love and Forgiveness
Inner Peace and Mental Focus
Ancient Knowledge and Geomancy
Optimism and Lightheartedness.
Spiritual Protection and Purification
Uplifting Energy and Positivity
Joy and Positivity
Abundance and Personal Power
Group and Universal Consciousness