Green Beryl

Love and Joyfullness

Green Beryl is an aluminium, beryllium silicate mineral and its colour tones vary from pale green to a deeper “emerald” green, caused by the inclusion of chrome and or vanadium with in the base mineral. The deeper coloured tone is known as Emerald.

The frequency of green Beryl connects to the heart chakra, it opens and energizes this chakra so that one’s has a heart centred awareness and emanates the energies of love and compassion.

The gentle energy of green Beryl helps to clean the heart chakra, giving support to aid in the healing of one’s emotions and emotional body, lifting negative energies and replacing them with positive loving , joy-filled vibrations and “Divine Love”.

Associated Chakras
  • Heart
Physical Ailment
  • Healing - General
  • Heart
Emotional Issue
  • Emotions - Healing
  • Love - Emotional
Spiritual Connection
  • Divine Love
  • Joyfullness