Green Tourmaline


Green Tourmaline is a complex of aluminuim borosilicate that can be various shades of green from pale green to dark olive green (appearing almost black).

The frequency of Green Tourmaline is connected to the heart chakra and resonates with the physical heart, aligning the hearts’s energy field to that of the electromagnetic field of Mother Earth.

Green TourmalineĀ brings balance, vitality and stablity to the physical body by integrating and aligning the energies of the physical heart and heart chakra, allowing energy to flow through one’s being and can thus aids in self-healing on all levels.

Associated Chakras
  • Heart
Physical Ailment
  • Heart
Emotional Issue
  • Inhibitions
Spiritual Connection
  • Connection to Natures Spirits
Dark Green Tourmaline 3
Price: £3.75
Green Tourmaline 4
Price: £3.40
Green Tourmaline 5
Price: £3.60
Green Tourmaline 6
Price: £2.65
Green Tourmaline 8
Price: £2.25
Olive Green Tourmaline
Price: £11.50
Olive Green Tourmaline 4
Price: £2.25
Olive Green Tourmaline 5
Price: £3.75
Olive Green Tourmaline 6
Price: £8.75
Olive Green Tourmaline 7
Price: £4.75
Tourmaline Green Blue Tumblestone
From: £1.50
Tourmaline Green Cats Eye
From: £0.90
Tourmaline Green Tumblestone
Price: £4.30
Tourmaline Pendant
Price: £11.80
Tourmaline Pendant 1
Price: £11.80
Tourmaline Pendant 2
Price: £11.80
Tourmaline Green Essence
Price: £5.30