Honey Calcite

Clarity and Personal Power

Honey Calcite is a calcium carbonate and is transparent or semi-transparent being pale gold or golden/brown in colour. The frequency of Honey Calcite connects to the solar plexus and third eye chakras. It stimulates the third eye chakra, allowing for one to clear one's mind of self-limiting … [Read more...]

Meditation For World Peace

Here is a meditation for world peace using a crystal skull for sending loving peaceful energy to the whole of the Mother Earth. Create the right atmosphere for meditation, such as having some gentle music playing quietly in the background, burning incense sticks and light candles, their soft glow … [Read more...]

What are Chakras

What are chakras? A chakra is an energy vortex through which energy is transferred from the Universal Life Force to nourish one's physical body via energy lines (the Nadis) and into the nervous system, endocrine system, blood system and finally into every cell of one's physical body. To function … [Read more...]


Spiritual Activation and Cleansing

Selenite is hydrous calcium sulphate and is a form of Gypsum being relatively clear or white. The fibrous striations allow light to "shimmer" over its surface producing the characteristic appearance. It can also be found in other colours such as peach and gold. The frequency of Selenite connects … [Read more...]

A Crystal Healing

Here is an example of a crystal healing. It outlines various techniques to open and balance one's chakras and align one's subtle bodies using various crystal energies. Chakra balancing and subtle body alignment Our chakra system needs to be open and balanced and our subtle bodies aligned so … [Read more...]

Crystal Skulls Are Crystalline Beings

Crystal skulls are crystalline beings who personify the "group aware or group conscious" energy of the Aquarian Age. Crystal skulls are crystalline beings that have been part of legends and prophecies over many millennia. Stories have been kept and passed down from generation to generation of … [Read more...]