About Us

Some prose to help you get to know a little bit about us at Soulful Crystals.

Soulful Crystals has had an online presence since 2005 so we feel we know a thing or two about crystals by now! We are based in Norfolk, in the United Kingdom and it is run by myself, Trudi and my partner Al, who is the computer wizard. We are always here to try and answer any queries you may have so guaranteeing you a very personal service.

about us with dog Kizzie

We like to hand pick as many of the crystals as possible and are always on the look out for pieces that are rare or harder to find, choosing only those we would want to own ourselves! We take care in the photographing and describing the crystals we have to offer, endeavouring to make them as representative as possible.

My love of crystals started many, many years ago when my father took me to a gemstone shop in London. I came away with some highly coloured tumblestones which I still have in my now vast, and ever increasing crystal collection! Since I was little girl I have had an interest in the ‘spiritual’ side of life and over the years there have been opportunities for me to increase my knowledge and understanding, and hopefully gaining a little wisdom along the way, into the workings of ‘Universal’ energies. I try to live my life as a ‘soul infused’ personality.

Al has a very logical brain and has thus worked in the field of computers for many years. He is the person who keeps Soulful Crystals running smoothly, making sure the technical side of the website is working as it should.

about us dogs Kizzie and Kelly

When not doing all things Soulful Crystals we enjoy spending time with Jay our Romanian rescue dog, either walking in the countryside right on our doorstep or the nearby beaches, we also like tending to our country garden. I love to listen to music, be it rock or classical, reading and keep myself fit by doing Zumba and Pilates. Whilst Al likes to play his guitars and is partial to a glass or so of wine!

We sadly no longer have our two beloved chocolate Labradors Kizzie and Kelly, pictured above, but they are always in my thoughts…..