Inner Guidance
Associated Chakras
  • Heart
  • Throat
  • Third Eye
Emotional Issue
  • Addiction
  • Calm
Spiritual Connection
  • Higher Dimensional Guidance
  • Insight

Adularia is a form of Orthoclase (feldspar) a potassium aluminium silicate mineral. The colour range is colourless, white, yellow, peach, pink green or grey. Various semi-transparent forms of Adularia are often referred to as Moonstone.

The frequency of Adularia connects to the heart, throat and third eye chakras, opening and cleansing these chakras. It opens one’s consciousness to connect with the higher dimensions to receive guidance and wisdom, and to connect with one’s “inner self” so that one may gain insight into patterns and issues that are affecting areas of one’s life, so that one can release that which is not serving one.

Adularia helps one to communicate one’s thoughts, feelings and “inner knowing” to others with clarity and to have focus and understanding of one’s emotional experiences. It connects one to one’s emotional and mental bodies so that one is able to integrate one’s feelings or thoughts into one’s life’s experiences.

This crystal has a soft feminine energy that supports one to become emotionally and mentally calm and helps overcome addictive behavioural patterns.