Cleansing and Purification
Associated Chakras
  • All The Chakras
Physical Ailment
  • Physical Energy
  • Physical Healing
  • Physical Stamina
Emotional Issue
  • Addiction
  • Guilt
  • Self Pity
  • Worthlessness
Spiritual Connection
  • Protection - Psychic

Aegirine is a sodium iron silicate mineral. Dark coloured, appearing as black, brown/black or green/black. It is a component of Guardianite.

The frequency of Aegirine connects to all of the chakras. Its energy helps to clear all one’s energy fields of negativity including entities and attachments within one’s etheric body. It helps to protect one’s energy fields from all forms of radiation and energetic imbalances, bringing high vibrational energy into one’s energy fields. Thus allowing one’s energy fields to stabilize and re-balance the flow of energy.

This crystal helps one to acknowledge and release negative thought forms and emotions by replacing them with positive energies which allows one to “step into one’s personal power” and help one overcome addictions and negative emotional patterns such as guilt, worthlessness and self pity.