Control Personal Power and Positive Perception
Associated Chakras
  • Solar Plexus
  • Crown
Emotional Issue
  • Depression
  • Negative Emotional Patterns
  • Personal Power - Emotional
  • Self Esteem
Spiritual Connection
  • Higher Perspective
  • Personal Power - Spiritual

Amblygonite is a fluorophosphate mineral which has a relatively high Lithium content. An opaque to semi-transparent crystal whose colour can range from colourless to off white/creamy, pale yellow, blue/grey to pink/beige. In certain light it can have a non metallic lustre.

Other crystals with a high lithium content include Petalite and Lepidolite.

The frequency of Amblygonite connects to the solar plexus and crown chakras, gently cleansing them of negative emotional energies. Via the connection to these two chakras it helps to bring issues relating to one’s personal power into alignment so that on an emotional level one will be guided from a higher level of consciousness.

The high lithium content of this crystal helps with bringing about a calmness and emotional balance to one’s emotional body, helping one with issues relating to how one’s feels about oneself focussing on the positive aspects.

The calming energy of Amblygonite aids one with issues of low self esteem and depression by lifting one’s energy and thus one’s spirit, so that one can view life from a more positive and higher perspective and learn the important lessons to be gained from one’s life’s experiences.