Angel Aura

Angel Aura
Expanded Awareness and Inner Peace
Angel Aura
Associated Chakras
  • Crown
  • Casual Vortex
  • Soul Star
  • Stellar Gateway
Emotional Issue
  • Stress
Spiritual Connection
  • Connection to Angelic Realm
  • Inner Peace
  • Spiritual Awareness

Angel Aura or Opal Aura is an enhanced form of Quartz that has undergone a special treatment process whereby the surface of the Quartz has been bonded with vapourized platinum and silver. This results in the characteristic silvery/white base colour and the beautiful iridescent rainbow-coloured “flashes”.

It is part of the range of beautiful coloured enhanced crystals known as Aura Quartz

The frequency of Angel Aura connects to the crown and upper transpersonal chakras. It allows one to raise one’s consciousness to the Angelic realms to bring inner peace and calmness to one’s being.

This stunningly beautiful crystal assists one to understand the lessons from past incarnations, by connecting to one’s soul, to integrate this knowledge to move forward in this lifetime and to live according to one’s soul’s purpose.

The loving, serene, angelic energy of Angel Aura allows one to be peaceful and calm in one’s outlook by relieving stress.

The rainbow colour frequency that Angel Aura emits fully energizes one’s energy fields and thus brings the whole of one’s being onto vibrational harmony with the angelic dimension.