Angel Wing Anhydrite

Gentle, Soothing, Angelic Communication

Angel Wing Anhydrite is a calcium sulphate mineral from Mexico which forms as fan-shaped clusters, the blue coloured hue is from a soft, very pale blue to a slightly deeper toned one.

The frequency of Angel Wing Anhydrite connects to the third eye and crown chakras. It opens and cleanses the third eye chakra allowing one’s consciousness to connect and communicate with higher dimensional angelic beings. It helps one to be open to guidance from the higher dimensions and aids inner vision.

The soft, soothing energy of Angel Wing Anhydrite is perfect in meditation. Its gentle energy helps to quieten one’s mind of “inner chatter” so that one’s consciousness is clear and open to receive guidance and wisdom.

Angel Wing Anhydrite allows one to be consciously aware of who one really is, connecting one to one’s soul – one’s divine core.

Angel Wing Anhydrite cleanses one’s subtle bodies of negativity, one’s emotional body of blocked emotional patterns such as issues concerning resentment, and helps to dispel negative entities and implants within one’s energy fields.

Associated Chakras
  • Third Eye
  • Crown
Emotional Issue
  • Emotional Negativity
  • Resentment
Spiritual Connection
  • Angelic Communication
  • Inner Vision
  • Meditation - Spiritual
  • Soul Connection