Grounding, Protection and Higher Awareness
Associated Chakras
  • Earth Star
  • Third Eye
Spiritual Connection
  • Protection - Negativity

Anorthosite, (not to be confused with one of its constituents Anorthite) can also be known as Northosite or Mystery Stone is an intrusive igneous rock predominately Plagioclase Feldspar with phaneritic or large sized matrix grains. It is grey, dark grey, to dark grey/black in colour, and as with all Feldspars, can display a “Schiller Effect” which in this stone can also be said to be labradorescent due to the high content of Labradorite present within the stone’s composition.

Anorthosite has been detected in samples of rock taken from the surface of the Moon.

The frequency of Anorthosite connects to the Earth star and third eye chakras, supporting the energy of these chakras so that one may remain grounded within the third dimensional reality whilst being able to expand one’s consciousness to other dimensions to receive guidance, so that one may journey on one’s path in one’s highest good.

The energy of Anorthosite offers protection to one’s energy fields from outer negative influences. It allows one to ‘go within’, seeking out deeply held emotions that are no longer serving one and to help with their release.