Self-Control and Personal Power
Associated Chakras
  • Base Root
  • Solar Plexus
Emotional Issue
  • Self-Confidence
Spiritual Connection
  • Personal Power - Spiritual

Anthophyllite is a magnesium, iron inosilicate hydroxide, an amphibole mineral. It can exhibit gold/bronze/brown coloured ‘flecks’ within a dark black/brown igneous rock based matrix.

Anthophyllite, along with Gedrite, are two of the mineral components found in the stone from Greenland known as Nuummite. This has led to it often being referred to, supplied and sold as Nuummite in the past (we are no exception). However the combination stone from Greenland should be the only stone to be correctly named Nuummite and other stones that have Anthophyllite as a major component no longer be referred to as being Nuummite.

The frequency of this crystal connects to the base and solar plexus chakra supporting and opening these chakras so that one is able to feel safe and secure and to have confidence in one’s actions.

The energy of Anthophyllite supports one to ‘go within’ to help one more fully understand any self-imposed issues one had placed upon oneself and to help release any bonds or ties that are preventing one from moving forward. This in turn will bring about self-awareness and that one really does have control of one’s lifes path allowing one to have greater self control, self confidence and a higher level personal power.