Aqua Aura Blades of Light

Aqua Aura Blades of Light
Communication of Higher Truths
Aqua Aura Blades of Light
Associated Chakras
  • Throat
  • Third Eye
  • Crown
Spiritual Connection
  • Communicating Higher Truths
  • Consciousness - Opening

Aqua Aura Blades of Light are high vibrational Colombian Quartz points referred to as ‘Blades of Light’ which have undergone a specialized treatment whereby the surface of the Quartz has been bonded with vaporized Gold. The result is the characteristic iridescent rainbow-coloured flashes on the vivid aqua blue base colour of Aqua Aura on the extremely clear striated form of the Blades of Light.

The frequency of the Aqua Aura Blades of Light have a strong connection to the throat, third eye and crown charkas. This connection opens one’s consciousness to higher vibrational impulses allowing one to have greater insight into one’s life’s purpose. It helps to ‘cut’ through any energetic blockages and negative belief patterns so that one is able to communicate higher dimensional truths and one’s inner truths.

Aqua Aura coated Blades of Light help to open and clear one’s consciousness of any negative emotions that restrict one’s ability to communicate one’s true feelings and to be honest and open with oneself and others from a higher level of consciousness.