Aquatine Calcite

Aquatine Calcite
Soothing the Emotional Body
Aquatine Calcite
Associated Chakras
  • Heart
  • Throat
Emotional Issue
  • Anxiety
  • Calm
  • Emotional Support
  • Emotions - Soothes
Spiritual Connection
  • Communicating Truth

Aquatine Calcite is the name given to an aqua coloured form of calcium carbonate from Argentina. The colour tone can range from aqua green to aqua blue. There is another more intensely blue toned variety of Calcite also from Argentina know as Indigo Calcite

The frequency of Aquatine Calcite connects to the heart and throat chakras, supporting and soothing one’s emotional body, which in turn allows one to become calm and to ‘go with the flow’ of one’s emotions. It can help to dispel helps negative emotions such as stress and anxiety.

This serene form of Calcite can also help one to have empathy for others offering one’s support to them when needed, whilst protecting one from another’s emotional energy.

The energy Aquatine Calcite allows one’s consciousness to be open and receptive to one’s thoughts and emotions so that one is able to communicate one’s truths to both oneself and others.