Auras, what are they?

Auras in esoteric terms, are the subtle energies that surround all living things, humans, animals and plants. Auras are made up of the electromagnetic, energetic fields of a physical body. However they should not be confused with subtle bodies which are “fixed” layers of energy that form part of, and extend beyond a physical body into the higher dimensional planes of consciousness.


illustration for auras


Auras are constantly changing as they are reflections of an individual’s energy at a given time. They reflect the interactions within one’s being between one’s emotional, mental and spiritual states of awareness. The auric field consists of bio-magnetic energy, thermal energy and the mitogenic energy emitted by the cells of  a physical body.   An aura is a “picture” of the electromagnetic energies that are present within one’s “persona” at any given time.

Guy Coggins developed a system to produce a polaroid photograph or an “aura image” using hand sensors linked to a camera. The principle being that the electro potential along the meridians in the palms of the hand is converted into measurable electrical frequencies. Colours have measurable electrical frequencies, therefore the “bio-feedback” from the hand sensors is “converted” into the matching colour frequency and displayed as the coloured patterns seen on an aura photograph or image.

An aura photograph can be divided into four main areas for interpreting the colour meanings.

The right side of a person (left side of aura photograph) shows the energy one is presenting to the outside world and thus how others may perceive you. The right side is the masculine energies, expressive, active, or the “action” side. The colours on the right side are how we are projecting our energies. It can also represent the recent past, a “hole” on this side could indicate a “loss” or a need to “let go” or a major upheaval/transformation of some kind.

The left hand side of a person (right side of aura photograph) indicates the energies one is receiving. The left side is the feminine, receptive side where one processes “feelings”. Colours on the left had side also indicate that which one is, or wishes to create. An abundance of colour and strong colours indicates what one is focussing on and a lack of colour indicates one is dwelling on past emotions or memories.

The centre of an aura photograph indicates the energies one is experiencing in the present “now”. The area of the torso and around one’s heart indicates what one is resonating to at the time the aura photograph was taken.

Above the head in an “arc formation”, shows what energies are available be “tapped into” in the future, they can indicate what one wishes to aspire to, such a spiritual growth.

Further insights can be gained from the quality of the colours beings displayed and the orientation and size of the aura image. Auras that appear to be expanded indicate that one is expressive in one’s thoughts and actions and communicate and connect with others in an open, free manner. It indicates a positive attitude and a sense of an outward focussing adventurous nature. Auras that appear to be close to the person’s physical body, indicate they are likely to be introverted or focus thoughts inwardly, or that they are unable to fully express thought or to take action. It also indicates a sensitive nature and the need to have “space”, peace and quiet to relax or meditate.

An area where no colour is apparent indicates a “hole” or void in the aura image which is interpreted as an extreme or abrupt change in one’s energies, either mentally, emotionally or lastly physically. The void must be seen as an indicator that certain actions are required and be viewed from a “higher perspective” as a positive opportunity to resolve certain issues so that one can move forward.

“Muddy” colours indicate negative energies or areas where energy is congested and needs clearing. “Bright” vibrant colours indicate positive energies.

An aura image should be read as a “whole” bringing together the various colours and applying the “principles” to the energies that are being displayed.


Interpreting Aura Colours

aura colours

Interpreting or Reading an “Aura Image”

The colours produced in an aura image should be read and interpreted using the whole of the image, taking into account all the colours and their relative positions.

Here are two of my aura images, the one on the left was taken in 2005 when I was embarking on the part of my journey to gain in-depth knowledge of crystals and crystal healing, and starting up an on-line crystal business.

The one on the right was taken in late 2013 when I was about to embark on a personal healing journey to fully align and resonate with my soul. It also was at a time of a major change of direction for the crystal business.



Looking at the image on the left, the “arc” above my head is coloured green and yellow. Indicating that the energies are of changes to come and a path of personal growth, healing and spirituality.
The colours on the my left are blue and are the energies available for me to use, that being communication, the need to speak out and to be “visible”. The colour on my torso is red which indicates a controlling influence to have courage and a need to be successful. The colours on my right are mainly orange with some red which indicate expression and confidence in my creative abilities, to take action and to send these energies out into the world. Finally the “hole or void” on my left side indicates the need to nurture myself with the energies that are available in the present and also to fully embrace and utilize the energies that are awaiting for the future.

In the image on the right the “arc” is dark blue indicating communication that is to be awakened, light blue indicating intuition to be fully awakened and violet which are higher energies to be given at an appropriate time in the future. The colour on my left side is pale violet which is the energy being received, that of spiritual awareness. The colour on my torso is pale to mid purple which is the energy I was resonating to at the time the image was taken, that being spiritual growth. The colours on my right side are yellow, red/orange, which shows enthusiasm and confidence in creative abilities and that these are the energies which are being sent out into the world, along with the purple/magenta of spiritual purpose.