Bi Colour Tourmaline

Bi Colour Tourmaline
Heart and Emotional Healing
Bi Colour Tourmaline
Associated Chakras
  • Heart
Emotional Issue
  • Emotions - Healing
Spiritual Connection
  • Love
  • Nurturing of Self

Bi colour Tourmaline and multi-colour Tourmaline are complex aluminium silicate minerals. Bi colour Tourmaline is usually a mixture of pink and green Tourmalines whereas multi-coloured Tourmaline varieties include mixes of shades of green, pink, blue, black, red and yellow-brown.

The frequencies of these mixtures of Tourmaline connect to the chakras with the corresponding colour. The combining of the various energies helps to "connect" the chakras and allows the synergistic effects to help one integrate one’s consciousness, so that one is guided by one’s soul or higher self for one’s highest and best good.

Pink and green bi colour Tourmaline connects to the heart chakra, stimulating and cleansing this chakra so that one is open to give and receive love on all levels.

The energies of this bi-coloured form are therefore combined, the green for self healing and issues connected to one’s physical vehicle, and pink for self nurturing and issues connected to one’s emotions.