Insight and Understanding
Associated Chakras
  • Base Root
  • Third Eye
Emotional Issue
  • Self - Understanding
Spiritual Connection
  • Insight

Bixbyite is a manganese, iron oxide mineral which forms as octahedral and cubic crystals, black in colour with a metallic lustre. It is not to be confused with Red Beryl which is still sometimes know as Bixbite.

The frequency of Bixbyite connects to the base and third eye chakras allowing for the grounding of higher vibrational energies. Its energy allows for one’s insight and intuition to be integrated and grounded into the third dimensional reality.

Bixbyite helps one to understand the meaning of the ‘little prompts’ one can receive from one’s soul and helps one to take positive action accordingly.

The reflective metallic lustre of this crystal helps one to ‘reflect’ on areas of one’s life so that one gains insight into one’s life’s experiences, allowing one the opportunity to move forward with greater knowledge.

Bixbyite helps one with self understanding so that one may have greater control over emotional issues and how to make positive changes.