Associated Chakras
  • Base Root
  • Sacral
  • Throat
Physical Ailment
  • Balanced Energy
  • Physical Vitality
  • Throat
Emotional Issue
  • Emotions
Spiritual Connection
  • Emotional Healing

Boussingaultite in its natural form is a rare type of (Magnesium) sulphate mineral from hydrothermal veins. However the variety of crystals described in this article are laboratory grown to the exact chemical formula of natural Boussingaultite, being (NH4) 2 Mg (SO4)2 . 6 (H2O).

Another laboratory grown crystal produced by using the naturally occurring chemical formula is Tschermigite.

The frequency of the various coloured types of Boussingaultite connect to the chakra with a corresponding colour.

Red tones – the base chakra for issues of support, security and safety. Physical vitality and strength.

Orange tones – the sacral chakra for issues of creativity and a passion for life experiences.

Turquoise blue tones – the throat chakra for issues both physical and relating to communication, truth and expression.

This crystal helps to balance the energy of one’s chakric system and due to the high water content, the energy of the Boussingaultites will act on the emotional body and can help to support emotional healing.