Healing Properties A

Healing Properties of Crystals A which includes such classics as Blue Lace Agate, Amber, Amethyst, Apophyllite, Aquamarine and Auralite 23.
Or By
piece of raw adularia
Inner Guidance
raw piece of aegirine
Cleansing and Purification
pieces of tumbled agate
Balance, Stability, Strength
pieces of tumbled black agate
Grounding and Support
piece of rough blue lace agate
seven pieces of tumbled botswana agate
Supporting Emotions and Actions
piece of fire agate on matrix
Creativity and Sexuality
seven pieces of tumbled green tree agate
Stability and Earth's Energies
piece of tumbled montana agate
pieces of tumbled moss agate
Stability and Earth's Energies
seven sieber agate tumblestones
Deeper Clarity of Issues
seven pieces of snakeskin agate
Kundalini Energies
pieces of tumbled turritella agate
Support and Earth Healing
piece of raw agnitite
Awakening to Higher Dimensional Energies
piece of ajoite in quartz
Loving, Emotional Support, Divine and Angelic Connection
seven pieces of raw alexandrite
Wisdom and Joy
amazez wire wrap pendant
Soul Power and Purification
piece of rough amazonite
Communication of Truth
seven pieces of tumbled amber
Healing and Joy
piece of raw blue amber
Positivity and Joy
piece of raw Amblygonite
Control Personal Power and Positive Perception
piece of amethyst
Connection to the Divine, Purification and Protection
pink amethyst geode
Radiating Divine Love
cluster of vera cruz amethyst
Higher Dimensional Impulses
pieces of tumbled ametrine
Clarity of Mind and Spirit
piece of natural anandalite
Divine Joy and Bliss
raw piece of anatase
seven pieces of raw anatase and rutile
Grounding "Light" Energy
Ancestralite palmstone
Grounding Energies of the Past into the 'Now'
beautiful angel aura quartz point
Expanded Awareness and Inner Peace
purple angeline wire wrapped pendant
Soul Connection and Soul Impression
piece of raw angelenite
Angelic Connection
piece of polished angelite
Communication with the Angelic Realm
piece of angel wing anhydrite
Gentle, Soothing, Angelic Communication
seven pieces of tumbled anorthosite
Grounding, Protection and Higher Awareness
polished anthophyllite palm stone
Self-Control and Personal Power
raw piece of blue apatite
Psychic Ability
piece of rough green apatite
Energetic Healing
natural piece of yellow apatite
Self Confidence and Personal Will
piece of natural apophyllite
Multi-Dimensional Awareness
cluster of green apophyllite
Connect to Nature's Spirits and Devas
an aqua aura cluster
Connection to Higher Dimensions
piece of aqua aura blades of light
Communication of Higher Truths
tumbled piece of aqua lemuria
Knowledge from Ancient Past
natural piece of aquamarine
Communication of One's Truth, and Cooling Inflammatory Energies
natural piece of red brown aragonite
Balance of Energies
pieces of tumbled blue aragonite
carved white aragonite angel
Spiritual Purification
carved arfvedsonite skull
Positivity and Higher Understanding
piece of rough astaraline
Cellular and Light Body Awakening
raw piece of astrophyllite
"Light" Energy and Accessing One's Inner-Self
carved atlantisite skull
Kundalini and Healing
polished slice of auralite 23
Soul Connection and Purification
aurichalcite on matrix
Inner Harmony
carved green aventurine skull
Healing On All Levels
raw piece of axinite
Grounding and Stablility
piece of raw white azeztulite
Higher Dimensional Consciousness and Increased Vibrational Energy
piece of tumbled golden azeztulite
Golden Ray Illumination, Higher Body Activation
piece of raw golden aura azeztulite
Spiritual Awakening
piece of himalaya gold azeztulite
Empowered Manifestation
piece of raw himalaya red azeztulite
Spiritual Transformation
piece of himalaya red gold azeztulite
Creative Manifestation and Light Enhancement
piece of wine red azeztulite
Spiritual Protection and Spiritual Strength
honey and cream azeztulite wire wrap pendant
Loving and Supportive Energies
raw piece of rhodazez pink azeztulite
Heart-Centred Energy and Divine Energy Consciousness
piece of raw sanda rosa azeztulite
Multi-Dimensional Healing and Awareness
piece of raw satyaloka rose azeztulite
Open Loving Awareness
piece of raw satyaloka yellow azeztulite
Spiritual Purpose and Focussed Intent
piece of sauralite azeztulite from new zealand
Divine Light and Mother Earth Energies
azumar wire wrap pendant
Aquarian Age Higher Consciousness
piece of natural azurite
Psychic Abilities and Intellect