Healing Properties B to C

Healing Properties of Crystals B to C although B is not for boring but for Beryl and Bustamite followed by stunners such as Calcite, Charoite and Chrysocolla.
Or By
piece of barite on matrix
Soul's Energy Connection
piece of raw benitonite
Higher Dimensional Access
seven pieces of tumbled green beryl
Love and Joyfullness
piece of raw beryllonite
Spiritual Light
seven pieces of raw bixbyite
Insight and Understanding
seven pieces of tumbled blizzard stone
Controlled Energetic Expansion
piece of tumbled bloodstone
Courage, Strength and Purification
pair of boji stones
Balancing and Grounding
piece of raw brazilianite
Creativity and Empowerment
piece of raw brookite
Upper Chakra Expansion and Ascension
piece of tumbled brucite
Informed Decisions and Confidence
tumbled piece of bustamite
tumbled piece of cacoxinite in amethyst
Spiritual Alignment and Purification
tumbled piece of aquatine calcite
Soothing the Emotional Body
pieces of tumbled blue calcite
Psychic Ability, Soothing Emotional Body
cobaltian calcite on matrix
Universal Love
raw piece of elestial calcite
Accessing and Attuning to Higher Dimensional Frequencies
piece of raw fiero calcite
Enhancing Courage, Passion and a Zest for Life
chunk of green calcite
Emotional Balance
chunk of honey calcite
Clarity and Personal Power
tumbled piece of indigo calcite
Insight and Higher Dimensional Connection
raw piece of isis calcite
Divine Feminine
tumbled piece of lemurian aquatine calcite
Empathy and Intuition
tumbled piece of lemurian indigo calcite
Insight and Past Life Recall
carved mangano calcite angel
Wholeness and Divine Love
raw piece of merkabite calcite
Expansion of Consciousness
polished piece of optical calcite with rainbows
Purification of Energy, Insight and Forgiveness
carved orange calcite skull
Creativity and Confidence
chunk of pink calcite
Energetic Emotional Healing
piece of rough red calcite
stellar beam calcite on matrix
Opening to the Divine
piece of raw white calcite
Insight and Energetic Purification
seven pieces of tumbled yellow calcite
Confidence and Optimism
polished slice of calligraphy stone
Higher Impressions
piece of rough cancrinite
Strength and Willpower
piece of raw carnelian
Courage and Confidence
polished piece of cataclosite
Transformational Energies
pieces of cavansite on matrix
Psychic Abilities and Communication of Truth
beautiful celestite cluster
Higher Dimensional and Angelic Connection
piece of rough celestobarite
Shamanic Journeying
piece of raw cerussite
Transformation of Energies
pieces of tumbled black chalcedony
Support and Energy Stabilization
piece of raw blue chalcedony
Calming and Communication
piece of tumbled pink chalcedony
Emotional Balance and Stability
cluster of purple chalcedony
Deeper Understanding of One's Life's Purpose
seven pieces of tumbled chalcopyrite
Activating and Cleansing
charoite wire wrapped pendant
Discovery of Spiritual Path
seven piece of tumbled chiastolite
Cleansing and Protection
carved chinese writing stone skull
Stability and Understanding
cut and polished piece of chlorite in quartz
Healing and Regeneration
polished piece of chrysanthemum stone
Abundance and Prosperity on All Levels
piece of raw chrysocolla
True Communication
rough piece of chrysoprase
Forgiveness and Healing
cinnabar in matrix
Transformation and Manifestation
common citrine tip
Willpower and Abundance
a natural citrine point
Manifestation and Clarity of Mind
cobalt aura spirit quartz point
Enhanced Awareness of Group Consciousness
piece of copper in matrix
Energy Conductor
Connecting the Spiritual and Physical Aspects of One's Being
pieces of tumbled red horn coral
Support and Protection
tumbled piece of covellite
Inner Vision and Psychic Abilities
piece of clustered creedite
Expansion of Consciousness
raw piece of cryolite
Higher Awareness
natural cuprite crystal
Life Force Energy, Vitality and Divine Feminine
piece of rough crimson cuprite
Life Force Energy and Vitality