Healing Properties H to J

Healing Properties of Crystals H to J includes the helpful and bold Healers Gold, Herkimer Diamond, Iolite, Jade and Jasper.
Or By
piece of rough hackmanite
Inner Knowing and Soothing Emotions
chunks of raw clear halite
Purification and Cleansing
healerite wire wrap pendant
Healing and Total Wellbeing
rough piece of healers gold
Healing, Energy Balance and Grounding
piece of raw heliodor
Will Power and Personal Power
shaped hematite wand
piece of rough hemimorphite
Emotional Healing and Light Integration
piece of raw herderite
Higher Dimensional Consciousness
natural piece of herkimer diamonds
Inner Vision and Purification
raw piece of green heulandite
Emotions and Visions
raw piece of hiddenite
Healing the Heart and Gratitude
piece of tumbled hilutite
Uplifting, Physical Acceptance and Wellbeing
cut and polished howlite wand
Positive Expression of Emotions and Thoughts
quartz cluster with hubnerite
Stability and Support
Discernment and Inner Knowing
piece of raw ilvaite
Grounding of Thoughts and Patience
cluster of imperial gold aura
Manifestation for Ones Highest Good
incense stick in holder
piece of tumbled infinite stone
Healing and Kundalini Activation
seven tumbled pieces of polite
Inner Vision
tumbled piece of isua stone
Ancient Knowledge and Past Life Recall
tumbled piece of blue jade
Spiritual Knowledge and Mental Ability
seven tumbled piece of green jade
Health and Abundance
seven tumbled lemurian jade pieces
Alignment to Earth Energies
pieces of tumbled new jade
Natural Spirits and Health
polished slice of purple jade
tumbled white jade
Higher Dimensional Connections
seven wyoming jade tumblestones
Emotional Balance and Stability
piece of tumbled bumble bee jasper
Buzz and Zest for Life
seven tumbled pieces of dalmatian jasper
Positivity and Playfulness
kambaba jasper sphere on stand
Shamanic Journeys
Mookaite Jasper Wand
Anti-ageing, Release of Belief Patterns
seven ocean jasper tumblestones
Positive Awareness
carved picasso jasper skull
Creative Talents
seven pieces of tumbled picture jasper
Creative Visualization
seven pieces of tumbled red jasper
Physical Strength and Safety
seven tumbled pieces of yellow jasper
Self Confidence and Self Worth
piece of tumbled jet
Protection, Grounding and Purification