Healing Properties K to N

Healing Properties of Crystals K to N which includes some favourites K2 Stone, Kyanite, Kunzite, Labradorite, Rainbow Moonstone and Nuummite.
Or By
piece of tumbled K2 Stone
Insight and Higher Awareness
piece of raw kakortokite
Heart Centered Awareness and Truth
piece of tumbled kammererite
Spiritual Awareness
piece of rough kimberlite
Confidence and Manifestation
piece of tumbled klinoptilolith
Absorption of Negativity
piece of raw kunzite
Divine Love and Emotional Healing
tumbled australian kunzite
Divine Love and Serenity
piece of kyanite in matrix
Inner Bridges, Connection and Psychic Ability
natural blue kyanite blade
Inner Bridges Connection and Psychic Ablility
tumbled piece of green kyanite
Heart Centred Consciousness
raw orange kyanite blade
Creativity and Sexuality
labradorite palmstone
Protection and "Magic"
tumbled piece of lapis lazuli
Communication and Inner Vision
tumbled piece of larimar
Calming, Soothing and Nurturing
tumbled piece of pink lazurine
Activating the Higher Heart
cut and polished lepidolite pyramid
Calming and Balancing Emotions
lithium light wire wrap pendant
Serenity and Purification
piece of tumbled lizardite
Connection to Natures Spirits and Earth Energies
seven tumbled pieces of llanite
View Higher Perspective
seven pieces of tumbled luxullianite
Support and Trust
piece of raw magnesite
Inner Vision and Awakening to Higher Truths
seven magnetite octahedrons
Grounding and Balancing of Polarities
piece of polished malachite
Emotional Balance
natural piece of marialite
Soul's Path and Purpose
tumbled piece of mariposite
Emotional Stability and Balance
piece of rough master shamanite
Inner Journeys and Spiritual Protection
piece of tumbled maw sit sit
Acceptance and "Go With the Flow"
piece of raw menalite
Feminine Energies
piece of polished merlinite
Magic and Self Mastery
piece of tumbled black merlinite
Self Mastery and Magical Practices
rough piece of mystic merlinite
Self Awareness and Soul Retrieval
piece of raw meteorite
Extraterrestial and Higher Dimensional Awareness
tumbled pieces of green mica
Emotions and Clarity of Thought
cluster of golden mica
Mental Clarity and Willpower
included quartz cluster with minerals
Minerals within Crystals
piece of polished mohawkite
Stability and Openness
piece of raw moldavite
Transformation and Spiritual Awareness
piece of molybdenite in matrix
Stability and Strength of Will
seven montebrasite tumblestones
Calmness and Understanding
seven pieces of tumbled moonstone
Femininity and Intuition
carved rainbow moonstone skull
Goddess Energies and Psychic Protection
piece of rough morganite
Divine Love and Emotional Healing
seven tumbled pieces of moss aura
Positivity Emotional Energy.
polished mtorolite on matrix
Calmness and Emotional Balance
piece of raw natrolite
Higher Consciousness
flat piece of novaculite
Detaching Energetic Cords
cut and polished pieces of nuummite
Inner Power and Self Mastery
seven pieces of tumbled nzuri moyo
Of Good Heart