Healing Properties O to P

Healing Properties of Crystals O to P including those that are supportive and protective such Obsidian, Opal, Prairie Tanzanite and Pyrite.
Or By
a black obsidian scrying mirror
Grounding, Protection and Stabilizing
pieces of raw apache tears obsidian
Grounding and Protection
carved black obsidian skull
Psychic Protection, Grounding and Cleansing of Negativity
piece of natural blue obsidian
Articulate Communication
shaped gold sheen obsidian wand
Higher Will and Manifestation
a mahogany obsidian pendant
Protective and Supportive
cut and polished rainbow obsidian freeform shape
Healing of Emotional Wounds and Grounding of Spiritual Light
silver sheen obsidian sphere on stand
Energetic Cleansing and Grounding
cut and polished snowflake obsidian pyramid
Synchronicities and Perserverance
piece of tumbled spider web obsidian
Protection and Support
piece of raw okenite
Understanding One's Soul's Journey
carved banded onyx angel
Endurance and Inner Strength
pieces of tumbled black onyx
Inner Strength and Self Mastery
pieces of tumbled white onyx
Psychic Senses
carved andean opal angel
Calmness and Meditation
pieces of tumbled boulder opal
Integration of Higher Vibrational Energies
piece of raw ethiopian opal
Amplification Of Emotional Energy
egg displaying fire opal in matrix
Creativity and Passion
rough piece of lemurian gold opal
Enhanced Energetic Awareness
picture of mount shasta opal
Integration of Higher Energies
piece of tumbled owyhee blue opal
Calm Communication
piece of rough pink opal
Emotional Healing
seven pieces of tumbled violet opal
Purification and Transmutation of Negativity
raw piece of violet flame opal
Transformation and Purification
seven pieces of tumbled white opal
seven pieces of tumbled yellow opal
Confidence and Will
facetted opalite pendant
raw pargasite in matrix
Emotional Support
piece of tumbled pentagonite in matrix
Higher Truth Communication
piece of raw peridot
Abundance and Communicating with Natures Spirits and Animals
seven tumbled pieces of peristerite
Creative Endeavours
piece of raw white petalite
Expanded Consciousness, Calmness and Balance
polished slice of petrified wood
Patience and Grounding
piece of natural phenacite
Inner Vision and Energetic Activation
seven pieces of tumbled phosposiderite
Soul Connection and Support
raw piemontite in matrix
Surrender To One's Heart
a tumbled piece of pietersite
Spiritual Activation
carved pinolite skull
Understanding and Knowing of 'Truth'
piece of raw plancheite
Memory and Determination
polished slice of prairie tanzanite
Viewing Life with a Heart-Centered Awareness
Seven pieces of tumbled natural green prasiolite
Emotional Healing
piece of rough prehnite
Heart-Centred Awareness
piece of raw purpurite in matrix
Purification and Insight
natural pyrite cluster
Confidence and Vitality