Healing Properties U to Z

Healing Properties of Crystals U to Z which maybe last on the list but are not to be forgotten Ulexite, Vivianite and Zoisite.
Or By
flat piece of polished ulexite
Inner Vision, Clairvoyance and Intuition
polished unakite pyramid
Emotional Balance and Healing
piece of tumbled ussingite
Energetic Purification and Integration
piece of raw vanadinite
Creativity and Endurance
piece of rough variscite
Inner Peace, Compassion and Love
raw piece of vesuvianite
Integration Of Heart and Will
piece of raw victorite
Energetic Purification and Revitalization
raw violan in matrix
Accessing Psychic Abilities and For Psychic Awareness
natural vivianite pebble
Universal Love and Compassion
piece of wavellite in matrix
Energy Flow
example of unusual formation z stones
Awareness and Connection to Other Dimensions
seven pieces of tumbled zebra stone
Creative Energies
piece or orange zincite
Life-Force Energy, Creativity, Personal Power and Manifestation
piece of natural zircon
Spiritual Reality
pieces of tumbles zoisite
Empathy and Emotions