Chinese Writing Stone

Chinese Writing Stone
Stability and Understanding
Chinese Writing Stone
Associated Chakras
  • Base Root
Emotional Issue
  • Strength
Spiritual Connection
  • Akashic Records

Chinese Writing Stone is the name given to a dark grey-green/black form of Basalt Porphyry/Porphyrite (an igneous rock) which has  small strips of off white/white inclusions, often plagioclase feldspar, which when grouped together are reminiscent of a type of Chinese script. It can also be called Chinese Writing Rock, Chinese Letter Stone and Porphyrite. It can sometimes be mistaken for a similar looking stone known as Chrysanthemum Stone.

Chinese Writing Stone connects to the base chakra, bringing a sense of stability to areas of one’s life so that one has the emotional  strength to overcome difficulties and to understand the lessons they can bring, helping one to have a more positive outlook and to take responsibility for one’s actions.

This unusual looking combination can help with accessing information held within the Akashic records. It helps one to have a clarity to interprete the meanings for one’s life experiences so that one is able to adapt and make any changes required, to make plans and to take the appropriate actions.