Choosing a Crystal

Choosing a Crystal
When a specific crystal energy is required during a crystal healing session or when one feels that one will benefit from a certain energy to help balance one’s energy fields, there are various ways of choosing a crystal. The correct or perfect choice is brought about on an energetic level, via the exchange of energy / information from our energy fields and the electromagnetic field of the crystal, by a matching of the resonance or frequency.


facetted pendulum used when choosing a crystal


Ways of Choosing a Crystal

One way is by using a pendulum to receive a positive response when held over a particular crystal.

Another way is to place the palm of one’s hand over a particular crystal thus allowing a connection to take place via the minor chakra located in each palm. This can then result in sensations such as warmth, cold or tingling being felt in the palm of one’s hand.

Probably one of the best ways is from the crystals themselves, as crystals have an uncanny way to attract our attention! Often one is “drawn” to a certain crystal, one’s eyes will alight on a particular one, be it physically “in the flesh” or on a computer screen.

Always remember that one’s soul, via one’s intuition, will guide one to the correct crystals needed at any particular time. Just trust!

Choosing a Crystal for Others

The above ways can also be employed when picking and choosing a crystal for others. Visualize the person, and/or recite their name, thus making a connection on a soul level. A communication will then take place, their soul will guide and direct your soul as to which crystal vibration is needed to help with the issue being worked upon at that time.