Choosing Crystal Gem and Flower Essences

Choosing Crystal Gem and Flower Essences

Choosing an Essence

It is important to remember when choosing crystal gem and flower essences that it is the “underlying issue” rather than the “symptom” that is the basis for your choice. It is best to initially work with the issues that are most obvious, as further issues are ofter revealed once the original one have been cleared.


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When choosing crystal gem and flower essences one can either choose an essence intuitively or rationally by reading through the issues relation to each essence, alternatively use a combination of the two methods.

Intuitively – Use your intuition /inner knowing or dowse for a particular essence. Ask your higher-self or soul for guidance as to the best essence/s required at the present time.

Rationally – Once you have decided which issue you want to work with first, read through the individual essence descriptions or use the “Essence Search” facility.

Please note that expectant or nursing mothers would be better advised not to use any of the essences on offer by Soulful Crystals. Bach Flower remedies being a better self diagnosis choice.

Choosing Crystal Gem and Flower Essences for Children

It is important to choose the appropriate essence, as children respond quickly to vibrational essences, especially babies and very young children. The following are suggestions and a general guideline according to age group.

0 to 7 years – Bach Flower remedies only are advised for this age group, combining no more than 4 or 5 essences. The suggested dosage is four drops, four times daily. For babies the essences can be added to bath water, sprayed onto pulse points or sprayed into the energy fields.

Otherwise the essences can be placed either directly onto the tongue, added to drinks or used as a spray either onto pulse points or into the energy fields.

8 to 12 years – Bach Flower Remedies are best for this age group and the suggested dosage is four drops, six times daily.

Some of the Crystals and Gem Essences can also be introduced to this age group. The suggested dosage for these is four drops on the tongue twice daily.

For children at the upper end to this range up to 3 individual essences can be combined together and the suggested maximum dosage for these combinations is four drops, three times daily.

Age 12 Upwards – From the age of 12 other essences can be introduced these being Chakra Essences, Divine Harmony Essences and Pure Vibrations Spray Essences. The suggested dosage for these essences is four drops, two or three times daily.

Please note that Light Body Essences are not recommended for children under 16 years of age.

Choice of Crystal Gem and Flower Essences

Choose from the range of Crystal Gem and Flower Essences we have to offer to help bring about the positive, transformational changes.

Angel Essences bring positive energies into one’s awareness.

Archangel and Ascended Master Essences for a “point of focus” for guidance, help and inspiration.

Chakra Essences to help balance and clear the chakric system.

Crystal and Gem Essences to help balance energy systems.

Divine Harmony Essences to bring about transformation and inner change.

Light Body Essences to finely tune energy fields and develop the “Light Body”.

Platonic Solid Essences to help remind the physical body of its original blueprint of matrix.

Pure Vibrations Spray Essences for positive vibrational alignment.