Crystal and Gem Essences

Crystal and Gem Essences have been created to help our bodies energy systems to become balanced and to hold more “Light” energy.

The crystals and mineral kingdom, as with all life on Mother Earth , has a “consciousness” and has unique gift that help with the development of the “Divine Plan of Earth”. Down the millennia crystals and gemstones have been used by civilizations as “tools” for the transformation and expansion of consciousness. An excellent way to easily benefit from the vibrational properties of crystals and gems is to transfer the specific energetic patterns into water to make them into crystal and gem essences. The specific energy of a crystal or gem can then easily be absorbed into the body’s energetic systems.

Crystal and Gem Essences carry an energetic resonance that will help to remind the “etheric patterning” of our bodies on how to be balanced and thus healthy. Each crystal and gem essence have an unique quality that will help to “trigger” the “etheric memory” of our etheric blueprint so we may use more “Light” energy. At present the energetic systems of many people are having difficulty in holding enough light energy and this is a major reason why re-balancing can take a long time to achieve.

How to Use Crystal and Gem Essences

Place four drops on the tongue, two to four times daily, until the bottle is finished.


Take at least ten minutes away from food or drink.

These crystal and gem essences can be combined by mixing equal quantities of up to six different essences in a clean 25ml bottle.