Ethiopian Opal

Ethiopian Opal
Amplification Of Emotional Energy
Ethiopian Opal
Associated Chakras
  • All The Chakras
Physical Ailment
  • Skin Disorders
Emotional Issue
  • Anger
  • Emotional Balance
  • Fear
Spiritual Connection
  • Joy
  • Purification

Ethiopian Opal is a form of white precious Opal which is a hydrated silica mineral composed of microscopic spheres whose regular formation diffracts light to produce the rainbow colours or “fire” seen within the base white coloured mineral.

The frequency of Ethiopian Opal connects to all the chakras.

This beautiful Opal can help one acknowledge and release deeply held negative emotional patterns such as anger and fear. Its energy amplifies emotional energies, both positive and negative, so that one can become more emotionally balanced.

The internal “fire” of Ethiopian Opal in brings “Light” energy into all of one’s chakric system and energy fields, cleansing and purifying them of negativity and replacing these low vibration energies with the high vibrational energy of joy.