Soul Retrieval
Associated Chakras
  • Earth Star
  • Base Root
Spiritual Connection
  • Soul Retrieval

Gabbro is the name of a group of coarse-gained mafic, intrusive, igneous rocks that contain silicate minerals rich in magnesium and iron. It is formed through the cooling and solidification of the Earth’s magma deep within Mother Earth. A variety from Madagascar is often referred to as Indigo Gabbro and its appearance is a mottled mixture of off white, black, grey and blue/black/indigo coloured markings.

It is very similar in appearance and properties to another stone called Mystic Merlinite

The frequency of Gabbro connects to the Earth Star and base chakras so that one is able to become grounded in the third dimensional reality, and feel safe and secure in one’s physical vehicle.

This combination stone is formed deep within Mother Earth and thus helps to support one so that one can ‘go within’ to discover the darker side of one’s nature enabling one to acknowledge and release any old negative emotions no longer serving one.

Its energy of can aid in ‘soul retrieval’ whereby one is able to bring any ‘soul fragments’ back into oneself and thus helping one to become ‘whole’ again.