Gaia Stone

Gaia Stone
Connection to Mother Earth, Love and Emotions
Gaia Stone
Associated Chakras
  • Heart
Physical Ailment
  • Heart
Emotional Issue
  • Compassion - Emotional
  • Emotional Wounds
Spiritual Connection
  • Connection to Mother Earth
  • Heart Centred Awareness

Gaia Stone is an emerald-green coloured stone, enhanced by man, but formed from the volcanic ash from the eruption of Mount St Helens that occurred in 1980.

The frequency of Gaia Stone connects to the heart chakra. It opens, activates and aligns the heart chakra so that one may freely radiate the energy of one’s heart centre, that being love.

This beautiful green coloured stone allows one to connect and become attuned to the energies of Mother Earth. It helps one with all forms of relationships by aligning energies and thus bringing harmony to all situations.

The energy of Gaia Stone is soothing to the heart chakra and one’s emotional body, thus helping with the healing of emotional wounds and allowing one to have a heart-centred awareness at all times.