Green Jade

Green Jade
Health and Abundance
Green Jade
Associated Chakras
  • Heart
Physical Ailment
  • Heart - Physical
  • Nervous System
  • Physical Trauma
Emotional Issue
  • Fear- Lack of Abundance
  • Poverty Consciousness
Spiritual Connection
  • Abundance and Prosperity

Green Jade can be either Nephrite or Jadeite and the colour ranges from pale green to dark green/black. The green coloured Jade known as New Zealand Greenstone is a variety of Nephrite Jade and is also known as Bowenite, one of its components being the green form of Tremolite.

Jade is found as two distinct mineral types:

  • Nephrite – a calcium magnesium silicate mainly coloured deep green, creamy brown or white.
  • Jadeite – a sodium aluminium silicate mainly coloured leaf to emerald green, blue/green, black/green to black or lavender/purple.

The frequency of Green Jade connects to the heart chakra. Nephrite Jade helps to heal the physical heart whilst Jadeite supports tissue regeneration after surgery or physical trauma.

Green Jade brings balance to one’s energy fields by helping to remove blockages and thus allowing energy to flow unhindered promoting “good health”.

This green form of Jade is a stone of abundance. It allows one to understand that the Universe is abundant on all levels. It helps one to see the abundance one has in one’s life and not to fall into “poverty consciousness” where one feels or fears that there is a lack of money or is over materialistic.