Emotional Healing and Light Integration
Associated Chakras
  • Heart
  • Throat
  • Third Eye
  • Crown
  • Casual Vortex
  • Soul Star
  • Stellar Gateway
Physical Ailment
  • Hormonal System
Emotional Issue
  • Anger
  • Forgiveness
  • Resentment
Spiritual Connection
  • Light - Integration
  • Visionary Experiences

Hemimorphite is a hydrous zinc silicate, commonly green/turquoise to blue/green in colouration, but can be shades of white, yellow or brown.

Its growth habit is similar to some forms of Smithsonite.

The frequency of turquoise/blue tones of Hemimorphite connects to the heart, third eye, crown and upper transpersonal chakras, clearing and activating these chakras so that one is able to communicate one’s emotions with a heart centred awareness. It helps to heal emotional issues, allowing one to forgive oneself and others and dispelling feelings of anger and resentment.

The energy of this crystal acts on the emotional body so that one has empathy and can bring a feeling of joy to all emotional situations by its positivity.

The frequency of white and lighter coloured form clears and activates the third eye, crown and upper transpersonal chakras so that high vibrational “Light” energy is able to flow and be integrated within one’s energy fields.

Hemimorphite opens one’s consciousness so that one may communicate and commune with higher dimensional energies, increasing one’s visionary experiences.