Discernment and Inner Knowing
Associated Chakras
  • Third Eye
Emotional Issue
  • Self - Understanding
Spiritual Connection
  • Discernment

Hypersthene is a magnesium, iron silicate mineral, the colour range being black, grey/black, brown/black to deep bronze/black. It has a metallic lustre and displays bands of characteristic pleochroism, whereby the colours displayed can appear to change when viewed in certain light. It is a form of Enstatite.

The frequency of Hypersthene connects to the third eye chakra allowing one’s inner vision and inner knowing to be developed, thus helping on to “see” and understand the lessons from one’s life’s experiences so that one may move forward.

It helps one to be discerning so that one can make one’s choices from a “place of higher understanding”, and it supports one so that one may have respect for oneself and others and to be able to follow that which one’s feels is “right”.

The calming energy of this mineral allows one to obtain the meditative state whereby one may “go within” and discover one’s “shadow self” helping one to understand and integrate this part of oneself, so that one is able to reflect on, and have a conscious awareness of, this aspect of “self”.