Infinite Stone

Infinite Stone
Healing and Kundalini Activation
Infinite Stone
Associated Chakras
  • Base Root
  • Sacral
  • Solar Plexus
  • Heart
Physical Ailment
  • Fatigue
Emotional Issue
  • Emotions - Healing
Spiritual Connection
  • Connection to Mother Earth
  • Connection to Natures Spirits
  • Geomancy

Infinite stone is the name given to a grey/green/yellow variety of Serpentine, a magnesium silicate mineral, from South Africa that has characteristic dendritic markings.

The frequency of Infinite stone connects to the base, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras. It helps to cleanse one’s energy fields of negative energy or blockages thus allowing energy to flow freely and increasing one’s vibrations.

The cleansing effect of Infinite helps to clear emotional patterns held energetically on a cellular level, and can aid with releasing emotional patterns of grief and issues of security held in the lower chakras.

This stone connects one to the energies of nature, Mother Earth and the devic realms. It can help one sense the energetic emanations from Mother Earth such as ley lines and helps to protect from environmental energetic pollution.

Via the base chakra it energetically supports the Etheric body and helps to seal tears or holes within one’s etheric web. Thus helping to increase one’s vibrational energy and overcome issues connected to energy depletion.