Isua Stone

Isua Stone
Ancient Knowledge and Past Life Recall
Isua Stone
Associated Chakras
  • Earth Star
  • Base Root
Emotional Issue
  • Acceptance of Physicality
  • Security
Spiritual Connection
  • Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom
  • Past Life Recall

Isua stone is the name given to a supacrustal rock formation from the Isua Greenstone Belt within the Isukasia terrane (terrane is a geological term for fragmented crustal rock) in Nuuk region of south west Greenland and is believed to be amongst the oldest stones found on Earth dating back over 3.7 billion years to the Archean period of Earth’s history.

Supracrustal rock (supra is latin for above) means rock that have been deposited onto basement rock from the Earth’s crust, the upper part of the Earth’s mantel, by various means such as plate tectonics. Such rocks being metamorphized mafic volcanic and sedimentary rock.

It is not the most attractive of stones, unlike another stone found in the same region Nuummite, and can exhibit dull dark bands of brown, grey and black possibly composed of iron based minerals and a sedimentary rock such as Chert. It may also contain minerals composed of various Rare Earth elements.

The frequency of Isua Stone connects to the base and Earth Star chakras grounding energy to the magnetic core of the Earth. This helps one to accept one’s physicality and supports one to feel secure in one’s physical vehicle when trying to understand what are one’s goals and needs in this lifetime.

As Isua Stone is such an extremely ancient stone it’s energy resonates with the vibrations of ancient wisdom and knowledge and in meditation can help one ‘go within’ and connect to one’s past lives on Earth offering insight into one’s present life’s path.