Heart Centered Awareness and Truth
Associated Chakras
  • Base Root
  • Sacral
  • Heart
  • Throat
Physical Ailment
  • Physical Vitality
Emotional Issue
  • Emotional Negativity
  • Truth - Emotional
Spiritual Connection
  • Discernment
  • Heart Centred Awareness
  • Love
  • Truth

Kakortokite is a rare volcanic combination stone from Greenland. It consists of black Arfvedsonite, off white Nepheline and red Eudialyte, forming a stone with a mottled appearance.

The frequency of Kakortokite connects to the base, sacral, heart and throat chakras. It opens and aligns these chakras bringing a vitality and balance to all areas of one’s energy fields.

Kakortokite allows one to have a heart-centred awareness, so that one may seek and perceive truth in all situations and helps one with one’s inner vision and to speak one’s inner truths.

This combination crystal opens and activates the heart chakra helping to dispel negative thoughtforms and negative emotional patterns, allowing one to have a true understanding by helping to transform one’s outlook from negative to positive so that one is able to give and receive love on all levels.