Divine Love and Emotional Healing
Associated Chakras
  • Heart
Physical Ailment
  • Heart - Muscle
  • Nervous System
Emotional Issue
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Stress
Spiritual Connection
  • Divine Love
  • Emotional Healing

Kunzite is a form of Spodumene, a lithium aluminium silicate. Its colour can range from pale pink to pale violet. It is closely related to Hiddenite a green/green yellow form of Spodumene.

The frequency of Kunzite connects to the heart chakra opening one’s heart to receive and give love on all levels. It aids in emotional healing by helping to release any blocks that have been placed in the heart centre by replacing them with feelings of joy and love for all of creation, that of Universal Divine Love.

This crystal supports the physical body for the energetic healing of blockages or obstructions.

The gentle, loving energy of Kunzite can help to ease stress and anxiety by filling one’s energy fields with it’s vibration of Divine Love.