Inner Bridges, Connection and Psychic Ability
Associated Chakras
  • Earth Star
  • Base Root
  • Sacral
  • Heart
  • Third Eye
Physical Ailment
  • Bones - Broken
  • Physical Trauma
  • Stroke
Spiritual Connection
  • Inner Bridges
  • Psychic Ability

Kyanite is an aluminium silicate of an elongated, flat, blade-like formation. It ranges in colour, the most common metaphysical colours being blue, including indigo, green and black, but also can be found in white, pink, yellow, orange and grey.

The frequency of Kyanite is connected to all of the chakras. The blue has a strong connection to the third eye chakra, the green to the heart chakra and the black to the base and Earth Star whilst orange connects to the sacral chakra.

This is a crystal of connection by building energetic bridges through the dimensions. It helps with energy blocks within one’s energy fields by forming new energetic pathways which will allow for energy to flow unhindered.

Blue Kyanite carries a high vibrational energy which allows for a rapid transfer of energy. It activates the third eye chakra bringing forth psychic abilities and allowing knowledge and wisdom to be transferred from the higher dimensions into one’s consciousness.

Indigo Kyanite also stimulates the third eye chakra allowing for enhanced psychic ability and inner vision so that the true nature of a situation can be observed and acted upon with integrity.

Green Kyanite connects to the heart chakra allowing one to “feel” and act with heart-centred consciousness. It builds a bridge so one can connect to nature and be in balance with it. It thus allows for the connection to Nature’s Spirits and Devas.

Black Kyanite connects to the base and Earth Star chakras helping one to be grounded. It also clears blocked energy by removing any imbalances that exist within one’s energetic fields and thus helps to energize and raise one’s own vibrations.

Orange Kyanite connects to the sacral chakra that one can freely express one’s creativity and sexuality.

Due to the way the energy of this crystal can build bridges and form new energetic pathways, it can aid with the healing of broken bones, physical traumas caused through surgery or trauma caused by strokes.