Meditation For World Peace

Meditation For World Peace

Here is a meditation for world peace using a crystal skull  for sending loving peaceful energy to the whole of the Mother Earth.


illustration of meditation for world peace



Create the right atmosphere for meditation, such as having some gentle music playing quietly in the background, burning incense sticks and light candles, their soft glow adding to the feeling of serenity.

Make yourself comfortable, warm and relaxed. Hold the Quartz crystal skull wherever or however you feel guided or drawn to do. This might be resting in one or both hands, or on your heart centre if lying down.

Relax your physical body, paying attention to your in-breaths and out-breaths. Concentrate on your breathing until you feel that you are completely relaxed, calm and centred. Now take your consciousness to your heart centre and connect with your soul to guide and support you.

Visualize (imagine) a beautiful pink rosebud in your heart centre. Slowly you see the pink rosebud unfolding, petal by petal, to reveal a wonderful pink rose flower. As the rosebud opens you feel a soulful loving energy filling your heart centre, filling you with the energies of your soul, love, light and peace.

Now visualize this pink loving energy radiating out from the rose flower in your heart centre expanding to fill your entire physical body. Feel the energies of love and peace filling the whole of your being.

Visualize the pink loving energy radiating from your heart centre filling the Quartz crystal skull with the energies of love, light and peace.

Now visualize this loving energy radiating out from your physical body and the Quartz crystal skull to fill the room you are in. Feel the loving, peaceful energy expanding more and more, moving out into the world. Moving and reaching out to villages, towns, and out to the whole of the country. Visualize this pink loving energy expanding and moving further and further filling entire continents and the whole of Mother Earth.

Visualize the whole of Mother Earth surrounded by this loving peaceful energy, reaching out to all of humanity. Know this loving energy is touching all heart centres and all souls, filling all who dwell on Mother Earth with the energies of love, light and peace.

Keep your consciousness focussed, feel the soulful loving energy that is surrounding and filling all of Mother Earth. Remain in this calm, quiet state until you feel you are ready to slowly return your consciousness to your physical body.

When your consciousness is once again fully present within your physical body, thank your soul for it’s love, support and guidance. Thank the Quartz crystal skull for it’s help and support and thank the Universe for the gifts of love, light and peace.