Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper
Positive Awareness
Ocean Jasper
Associated Chakras
  • Solar Plexus
  • Heart
  • Throat
Physical Ailment
  • Endocrine System
  • Tissue Regeneration
Emotional Issue
  • Depression
  • Emotions - Balance
  • Stress
Spiritual Connection
  • Centering
  • Meditation - Spiritual

Ocean Jasper is a form of Orbicular Jasper and is only found in Madagascar. It is multi-coloured in shades of white, pink , green, red, brown and black. Markings vary greatly but include “polka dots”, banding, swirls, scalloped and wavy lines of edging and “florets”. They can also appear to be “cell-like” in their structure. Druzy Quartz is often found in small “cavities” within the Jasper.

Another form of Orbicular Jasper with similar markings known as Leopard Skin Jasper.

Jasper is a micro-crystalline variety of Quartz, a silicon dioxide mineral. Jaspers can contain up to 20% of various included minerals which account for such a variation in the range of colours and types.

The frequency of Ocean Jasper connects to the solar plexus, heart and throat chakras. It has an uplifting, positive energy that allows on to feel, speak and act in a positive way. It helps one to recognize negative aspects of oneself and one’s life and to alter one’s awareness to appreciate what one has.

The energy of Ocean Jasper allows one to consciously recognize energies and emotions held within one’s “cellular memory” and thus helps one to change any negative patterns that could therefore manifest within the physical body as an imbalance or disease. Thus helping to “unblock” any negative energies held at a cellular level.

This form of Jasper helps one to balance one’s emotions and to become calm and centred thus helping to release stress and to alleviate depression. It helps one to live in the “now”.