Picasso Jasper

Picasso Jasper
Creative Talents
Picasso Jasper
Associated Chakras
  • Sacral
  • Solar Plexus
Emotional Issue
  • Self - Understanding
Spiritual Connection
  • Inner Sight
  • Inner Strength

Picasso Jasper is also called Picasso Stone, which although often referred to as a Jasper is actually a type of Marble, which is metamorphosed Limestone, a calcium magnesium carbonate mineral. The background colour varies between grey and dark grey/black with distinctive patterns in black, browns and tan. These patterns are caused by iron oxides and form as lines and web-like markings.

The stone being named after the cubist painter Pablo Picasso due to the patterns and markings being reminiscent of some of his works.

The frequency of Picasso Jasper connects to the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras, stimulating these chakras so that one’s creative talents are developed enabling one to bring one’s creative thoughts into manifestation.

This Jasper supports one so that one has the will power to persevere with that which one desires, to make changes to one’s life according to one’s life’s purpose.

The energy of Picasso Jasper aids one with clarity and inner-sight so that one is able to understand one’s inner feeling and thoughts, bringing an awareness of oneself, one’s inner strength or strength of character and self control.