Surrender To One's Heart
Associated Chakras
  • Heart
Emotional Issue
  • Depression
  • Grief
Spiritual Connection
  • Joy
  • Spiritual Self Healing

Piemontite is a rare sorosilicate mineral from New Mexico, United States of America. It is a Manganese-rich variety of Epidote and is characterized by lustrous deep magenta/red crystalline veins running through an off white/grey Quartz matrix.

The frequency of Piemontite connects to the heart chakra allowing one to be open to, and understand one’s emotional being, thus helping one to surrender and trust in one’s heart.

It helps one to “hear” what one’s heart needs to “say”, aiding one in overcoming and healing deeply held emotional wounds. It allows one to be open to the inner knowing and wisdom of one’s heart.

The energy of Piemontite offers an energetic “strength” to one’s heart and emotions so that one can “see” and “feel” joy in one’s life, and aids in spiritual self healing.