Purple Chalcedony

Purple Chalcedony
Deeper Understanding of One's Life's Purpose
Purple Chalcedony
Associated Chakras
  • Third Eye
  • Crown
Spiritual Connection
  • Purification
  • Souls Impulses
  • Souls Purpose

Purple Chalcedony which is found in the botryoidal form is often referred to as Purple ‘Grape’ Chalcedony, or Purple ‘Grape Agate’ and is from Indonesia. Chalcedony is a silicon dioxide mineral that is composed of sub-microscopic particles of Quartz arranged in fibrous layers. The colour range is from mid to deep purple, often pieces can also have a greyish or greenish tinge to the small orbs.

The frequency of Purple Chalcedony connects to the third eye and crown chakras, opening these chakras, allowing for an expanded awareness. It will aid with connection to the higher dimensions to bring forth higher knowledge and wisdom.

The deep colour tone and botryoidal shape of these crystal formations will help with the deeper understanding of issues of a ‘spiritual’ nature so that one can more fully connect to one’s souls purpose in this lifetime. It allows one to ‘feel’ the connection with all life and to be ‘group aware’.

The energy of Purple Chalcedony helps to purify one’s energy fields so that any negativity is transmuted, allowing for one to raise one’s vibrations thus aiding one to align with one’s soul’s impulses.