Courage and Enthusiasm
Associated Chakras
  • Base Root
Physical Ailment
  • Infertility
  • Physical Vitality
  • Weight Regulation
Emotional Issue
  • Anxiety
  • Courage
  • Emotional Trauma
Spiritual Connection
  • Emotional Belief Patterns - Release
  • Physicality - Acceptance of

Ruby is a red form of Corundum, an aluminium oxide with chromium producing the intense red coloration. It is related to the blue form of Corundum Blue Sapphire.

The frequency of Ruby is connected to the base chakra. It energizes and activates the base chakra and one’s energy fields, enhancing the flow of energy throughout one’s being thus helping with one’s physical vitality.

It grounds one’s vibrational energy and allows one to feel supported and safe in the physical world and to accept and honour one’s physical vehicle.

This crystal emits a supportive energy which gives one the courage to overcome anxieties and move forward and aids in releasing deeply held patterns of emotional trauma.

Ruby brings a positive energy to one’s being that makes one have enthusiasm and a zest for life, increasing one’s sexual energies and can thus aid with sexually related issues.